Clark Humphrey, on George Clark's Grunge Jingles:
"[Whilst penning my best-selling book Loser: the Real Seattle Music Story, I garnered inspiration by listening to] George Clark's ... Grunge Jingles. Evil tunes. [Loads o'] bitterness ... bitter grinds. Thuds ['n] distortion. Screeching poser music and happy-talk. [Someday in the future I will put it on something called an iPod and pretend to listen to it on the bus.]"
- 11/93, Misc. Newsletter

George Clark, on Clark Humphrey's Review of George Clark's Grunge Jingles:
"It is not enough to suggest that I don't think Mr. Humphrey listened to my music. Or that I don't think he wrote the review in question. No: I don't think the man exists. No writings such as those imputed to him could come from the mind of a human being. Word use, tone, sense of language ... all perfect. It is clearly the product of a machine. Anyway, thank you, Clark ... or should I say, Apple Clarkintosh 2000? Your critique captured the essence. Enough to make me proud of my Grunge Jingles were they not so repellent to me."
- 9/09,

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